Visiting Northern Hills Christian Church

It's a place to belong…

  • Where you can be yourself
  • With real people who stake no claims on “being perfect”
  • Where you can fit in regardless of age, stage or situation in life
  • With friends who become family
  • Where “come as you are” is a philosophy and not just a slogan
  • Where “caring” is a verb (an action word)
  • When times are tough, things are good, or somewhere in between

What kind of church is Northern Hills?

Simply put we are a Bible believing church. The Bible is our guide. People at Northern Hills come from a variety of denominational backgrounds. One of our slogans is “Where the Bible speaks, we speak...” Another slogan is “We are not the only Christians, but we try to be Christians only.”

What can I expect when I visit?

You can expect a friendly greeting, and a warm cup of coffee. You can expect some great upbeat music and a practical message that will apply to daily life. On the flip side you won’t be expected to stand out, speak up or do anything else that might be embarrassing. You can simply come and enjoy or participate as you wish.

When can I try it out?

The beginning point for many is our Sunday worship service which starts at 10:30 AM.